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Whitecaps Futures moves to OS Hockey

Welcome to the Whitecaps Futures 2023 Season

All of us at Team Minnesota and OS Hockey welcome you to the Whitecaps Futures program.  

The Team Minnesota and Whitecaps Futures coaches by age:

Team Minnesota 2003 - J Lindsay, Jason Hemp

Team Minnesota 2004 - Randy Koeppl

Team Minnesota 2005 - J Lindsay, Chris Guillemette

Team Minnesota 2006 - Eric St. Martin

Team Minnesota 2007 - Jason Jones

Whitecaps Futures/Team Minnesota  2008 - Robby Martin

Whitecaps Futures/Team Minnesota 2009 - Jason Hall, Blair Buccicone

Whitecaps Futures/Team Minnesota 2010 - J Lindsay, Kyle Finn, Ryan Warner, Todd Luoma

Whitecaps Futures/Team Minnesota 2011 - Todd Luoma, Rick Wagner

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